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Created on:2023-07-28 15:31

Why is fiberglass grating suitable for use in sewage treatment


Fiberglass grating is particularly suitable for use in corrosive environments due to its lightweight, high-strength, and corrosion-resistant properties. With the country's emphasis on environmental issues, the sewage treatment industry has developed rapidly, providing a huge market for fiberglass.

Due to the special environmental conditions of sewage treatment, traditional metal materials are easily damaged, causing safety hazards. In sewage treatment, a large number of guardrails are required around the sewage treatment tank. Many of the sewage contains strong corrosiveness, and the splashed water droplets or volatilized water vapor have a strong corrosive effect. Over time, if traditional metal materials are used, they will rust and even rot, posing many hidden dangers. Therefore, fiberglass guardrails are very suitable for use. The corrosion resistance of fiberglass guardrails can ensure their service life, and their appearance is beautiful and colorful, And it can always maintain a bright color in corrosive environments, thereby playing a role in beautifying the environment. In addition, fiberglass gratings are commonly used as materials for the paving of operating platforms, hanging fixtures for biochemical water treatment tanks, and maintenance walkways for sewage treatment plants. Compared with metal profiles, fiberglass grilles have a lighter weight; High strength; Excellent corrosion resistance can fundamentally solve the problems of easy corrosion and difficult maintenance of metal guardrails. Due to these characteristics, fiberglass guardrails and fiberglass grilles are particularly suitable for sewage treatment and other corrosive environments. The use of fiberglass materials in sewage treatment is also an inevitable trend.