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Created on:2023-07-28 15:31

The flame retardancy of fiberglass grilles is related to the fillers


We often say that fiberglass grating is a new type of composite material with high flame retardancy, and its application range has become very extensive. So why on earth is the flame retardancy of fiberglass grilles so good? This is related to its raw materials, which means that the flame retardancy of fiberglass grilles is related to the fillers.

Everyone now knows that the raw materials of fiberglass grilles are commonly referred to as resins, fiberglass, and fillers. Today we are going to talk about fillers, which determine whether fiberglass grilles have flame retardancy. The filling material is usually calcium powder or aluminum powder.

Among them, calcium powder, commonly known as limestone or stone powder, is a compound that can improve the whiteness and brightness of the product, as well as increase its fire resistance and stability. It can improve the hardness, surface gloss, and flatness of the product, reduce production costs, and also increase the toughness and strength of the product. It is generally used in the production of grilles without flame retardant requirements.

Aluminum powder is made by adding a small amount of lubricant to pure aluminum foil, pounding and crushing it into a scaly powder, and then polishing it. Aluminum powder is lightweight, has high buoyancy, strong covering power, and good reflection performance to light and heat. The application scope of aluminum powder also includes: new building materials, chemical industry, military industry, high-end metal pigments, composite materials, refractory materials, and other aspects.

In practical applications, to improve the flame retardant performance of fiberglass gratings, the main approach is to increase the proportion of aluminum powder in the material, reduce the proportion of calcium powder, or not use calcium powder, which can greatly improve the flame retardant performance.

In addition, let's learn about the other properties of fiberglass gratings:

1. Resistant to corrosion from various chemical media, non rusting, long application cycle, and free from protection.

2. The color is uniform both inside and outside, and the tone can be freely chosen. Can customize colors according to customer requirements and improve the working environment.

3. Strong designability, sensitive and diverse size, and stable size.

4. Lightweight, easy to cut, no need for hot work or large lifting equipment, only manual labor and small tools, and low installation cost.

The flame retardancy of fiberglass grilles is related to the fillers. When selecting grilles, we should pay attention to what the fillers are in the raw materials used to make the grilles. If there are high requirements for flame retardancy, we should choose fiberglass grilles made with aluminum powder as the filler.